Quick Sketch

Quick sketch at the end of the day. Trying to get more comfortable with sketchiness, instead of cleaning everything up. I only let myself delete the construction lines, otherwise there were no adjustments.


SunWInd - 15 Years

Saturday was a special day for me. On May 5th, 2003 I woke up having had an awesome dream. I scrambled to write it down, and that became the basis for a story I've been working on ever since. One day I'll actually get a complete script down, hopefully before these kids turn 20!



MerMay 01

Let's see if I can keep up this time...


DWTV CRD Anniversary

Four years ago today I started at DreamWorks TV as a Production Coordinator on Dawn of the Croods. It was such a great experience, with an amazing Croo. I never tried to draw the characters while I was on the show, but thought I'd give it a try to mark the occasion.


Doodle Break!

 Quick doodle of the girl from my old Freshman year 120 film.