Daily Drawing: Wonder Woman


Made a small revision.


Well, it's really Supergirl and Batgirl with Wonder Woman... but whatever. Definitely click to view bigger.

My trip yesterday took more out of me than I was expecting, so unfortunately I wasn't able to sit down to actually work on this 'til almost midnight! Hopefully my chiropractor can sort it all out tomorrow morning, so I can get back to drawing without worrying about head-, shoulder- or back-aches.



Daily Drawing: Batgirl

Barbara Gordon as Batgirl! After such a positive response to Supergirl yesterday, I thought I'd try another lady hero.

I won't be at a computer tomorrow, so most likely no update. I'll try for two on Friday though.


Daily Drawing: Supergirl

The black and white ink drawings were fun... but I felt like doing something with color today! Apparently I also felt like drawing Supergirl. Yay~!


Daily Drawing + Sunday Sketching

First, here's the sketch I meant to upload yesterday. It was a very busy day, and I didn't have a chance to scan it.

And now, here's the start of a storyboard:


Daily Drawing

I didn't know what to draw today. I started drawing some random lines and shapes, and BAM this happened. It's actually only the top half of the composition. The rest should be up on Monday.


Daily Drawing

Fish/Frog monster part three!

Also, a bonus sketch! It didn't feel right just posting another design variation. So here's another possible main character from the story!


Daily Drawing

Some more takes on the monster from yesterday with some advice from my friends. Not so cuddly anymore~!


Daily Drawing

Another idea page for this new story. I need to learn how to make things look scary instead of cute...


Daily Drawing

Some sketches of one of the main characters for a story I came up yesterday while driving. We'll see where it goes!

Sunday Sketching

Oops! This was supposed to go up yesterday. Today's daily will be up later!


Daily Drawing: Blarg

As stated above, I injured my shoulder. It's been slowly getting worse over the past week, but today was pretty bad. I visited my chiropractor, spent the day icing and relaxing, and finished up with a soak in my jacuzzi, but sitting at a desk is still a no go. Hopefully tomorrow, after a good night's sleep, things will be good enough to get back to animating.


Daily Drawing

... I had another drawing I was working on for today, and it just wasn't happening. So I sat down with some pens and markers and this happened. She belongs in the same world as Elysian from a few days back, although she's not quite as old, both in story and in reality. I think she dates back to roughly 2000, although I'm less certain about that.


Daily Drawing

Just continuing on the painting!

Also, I updated the Storyboard and portfolio pages a few weeks ago, but never mentioned it in a blog post.


Daily Drawing

My next painting project! The re-imagination of the Witch's castle. Just a quick sketch with some tones thrown on. Refinement and further work tomorrow.


Daily Drawing

Hey, it's a Wonder Woman! Just a quick drawing. Had a busy day today!



Daily Drawing

While I suppose I could leave it here, I'm still not quite finished with it. I don't know if I'll get back to it on Monday, since there's another scene I have in mind for next week, but we'll see.

If anyone's got some feedback on this, I'd love to hear it!


Daily Drawing

Wooo color dump!

Just working on getting the values/hues around where I want. Still pretty rough, but getting there!

Finished painting tomorrow~!


Daily Drawing

Now for something different!

This is the rough line work for a painting I've started. Instead of a daily drawing done in a single day, this one will be completed by this weekend instead. It's a nice break from finished colored character pieces.

Also, this will be used as a color/lighting/bg reference for the film! So there's that too.


Daily Drawing Redraw

As I said yesterday, I was pretty unhappy with the drawing that I'd done, but it was late and I was getting too frustrated to keep working on it. SO! Today I sat down, figured out why I didn't like it, and did a redraw!

I also thought I'd dig up some old sketches of her.

The one on the left is from 2003. It's probably not the first drawing of her, but it's pretty close. The middle is from 2005, and on the right is one after my freshman year of college, three years later:

She's come a long way!


Daily Drawing

And now for something different! My very oldest character. She's from 1998, I believe (although she's gone through a great many changes in those 14 years). I just needed a break from all the TMGA stuff.

I'm not totally satisfied with this drawing, but it is way past my bedtime. I may see about fiddling with it more tomorrow.


Sunday Sketching

Hey folks!

I'm thinking of changing up my "daily drawing" type thing. While I'll still be drawing everyday, I'm going to change the format just a bit. Monday through Friday will still be regular dailies, although depending on the complexity, it might take two days or even the whole week to have something finished. Saturdays I'll be posting on The Many Great Adventures with progress on my film. And I think Sundays will be scans of sketches from my sketchbook!

So to start it off, here's some sketches from last night:

And of course... starting with Ellie and Celeste.


Daily Drawing

As promised, here's Celeste!

No time for a finished sketch today, but here's a quick drawing of Celeste in her new costume with the Magnificent Phoenix.

And this is her new design, more or less! (The bag has changed a bit). I was never overly fond of her old design, but I had to start animating. Now that I have the time, I'm updating the animation to this.


Daily Drawing

Alright! Now that the craziness of July is over, time to get back into the swing of dailies!

For my first daily drawing, here's an Ellie! I'm not changing her design to this for the film, although I kinda do love her giant hair.

I've got a new take on Celeste that *will* be showing up in the film for tomorrow.

Also, even though I disappeared for a while there, I didn't stop drawing! I've got a bunch of stuff to scan, and then there'll be a sketch dump from the rest of July.

Oh, and as always, feedback/critiques are welcome!