Daily Drawing

Figured I'd continue with TMGA by drawing Celeste! SO MUCH GLOWING!

Also, the last daily drawing for May! Not a bad month. I think I just missed one drawing.

Can't wait to see what June will bring!


Daily Drawing

After drawing the Witch yesterday, I felt like drawing Ellie today!


Daily Drawing

Bit of an off day, so just a quick drawing. This is the main villain of my thesis film... as a little kid. I kinda feel bad for the adult she turns into. Now I want her to have some kind of redemption in a side-story sequel or something.


Daily Drawing

In honor of Memorial Day, and remembering those who have fallen.


Daily Drawing

Just a few adjustments:

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Went to the LA Zoo yesterday! It was lots of fun, but left me too tired when I got home to do my usual daily drawing. There'll be an extra post later today or tomorrow to catch up.

This is a gerenuk! They have freakishly thin legs and huge ears. The LA Zoo had a pair of them in the baby animal center.


Daily Drawing WIP

Continuation from yesterday. A few adjustments, color, and a speed-paint background:

Gonna keep working on this in my spare time!


Daily Drawing WIP

Work in Progress~! Haven't quite finished it up yet. I'll get back to it later today (hopefully).


Daily Drawing

A few minor adjustments:

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Took a bit of a break from boarding, to doodle the female character from said board.


Daily Drawing

No time for a regular daily drawing today! Instead, here's a rough panel from a storyboard I've been working on!


Daily Drawing

Made a few adjustments~

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This one was actually supposed to be for yesterday... but FRUSTRATIONS~! ensued, and it was set aside so I could cool off. I've no doubt there are still issues to the anatomy, but at least it's better than before! Critiques welcome!



Daily Drawing


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Daily Drawing

Made some tweaks! Perspective works a bit better now. :D

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Super Posh Lady is SUPER POSH~!


Daily Drawing

I've been watching a lot of Deep Space Nine while working~

Grown-up-ish Ellie wearing a science officer's uniform. :3


Daily Drawing

Tones/Highlights added!

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I had a Mother's Day drawing I was working on yesterday, and it still isn't done! So I whipped this up for today instead. I'll go in and add some tones later.


Daily Drawing

Made a few changes.

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Daily Drawings Redraw!

I did some redraws!  My awesome boyfriend gave me some advice, so I made some adjustments!

The bottom three images have the originals and redraws overlaid so the differences are more noticeable.


Hug Attack!

A friend had a bit of a bad day. Hope this'll help cheer her up!

[... good thing this isn't real life. I'd knock her over!]


Daily Drawing

Whew! Made it just before midnight!


Daily Drawing

I spent all night trying to get this one right, and something still doesn't feel quite right. Ah well. Maybe I'll figure it out after some sleep.



Animation Test

This was today's work!

As the description of the video says, it was an experiment to try out a new workflow using Photoshop instead of ToonBoom Animate Pro. Well, after spending the better part of a day on just adding in the mum, I can say that I wish I had access to ToonBoom. There are lots of things that would be easier. Guess I'll just have to work something else out.

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Daily Drawing Again!

Last sketch before going to bed:

Been trying out a new style!

Almost caught up on daily drawings~!


There was a supermoon tonight!

My camera doesn't particularly like night shots, but it was actually bright enough tonight to get a half-decent picture!

Next post will have drawings again.

Daily Drawing

My grandma made cookies. :D


Daily Drawings

Two sketches today!

First, in honor of the owl I thought I heard outside my window earlier this evening:

And then, a mermaid! Playing a bit with shapes and colors.


Daily Drawing

Been doing some more experimenting with Flash! Man, it's a challenging program to draw with, that's for sure. However, I think I might be getting the hang of it!