Daily Drawing WIP

It's Arcee from Transformers Prime! Well, it will be, when I get around to finishing it tomorrow.


VisCom Fall 2012

Hey folks!

So, even though I haven't been posting much, that doesn't mean I haven't been doing a lot of drawings! I've been taking VisCom1 at Concept Design Academy this term. Here are a few pages from the past six weeks:

Daily Drawing


Inked and colored~!!


Trying out a new design! Gotta get back to work on other things now, but hopefully I'll get around to inking/coloring this later today.

Also, should be getting back on track now!


TMGA: Year One

Coming June 2013! The Many Great Adventures: Year One!

Since I'm somehow not busy enough with class work and film work and portfolio work... I'm gonna be starting up a new project soon! I'll be posting snippets here and there while I get things going.


Gift Art~!

Nyan-cat Sugar Rush version of my friend Andrea! (check out her blog here)

This is a slightly more saturated version. It's so bright that it almost hurt my eyes!

I've also been updating my Tumblr with the past few dailies. Check them out here.


Happy Halloween!

Too busy to post yesterday, so here it is today! I'm still alive, just very busy with family and class. Still hoping to get back into the swing of the dailies soon. And now it's a new month, so keeping my fingers crossed!