Aquandalin part 1

The final for my animal drawing class is to create a fantasy creature. Well, I decided to go back and use an idea from waaaaay back in elementary school. I can't take full credit for the origin of this creature: the name and basic idea came from my best friend, Kimlinh Tran (http://hnilmik.newgrounds.com/). However, in the intervening decade I've continued to think about this character, and work with it. And in the past week I've thought about it, written about it, and drawn it more than ever. At this point, the only things that still hearken back to the original are the name and the fact that the creature is made of water.

Up in the right top corner you can see me trying to remember how I drew the aquandalin back in fifth grade. The rest is from the past day or two.

Here are some notes, as well as crafts they might make.

A parent and babies. Also, the process of transformation. Did I mention aquandalin are shape-shifters?

Drawings showing the life-cycle, as well as the giant river otter that I took a lot of inspiration from.



Girl in Moonlight

I drew this the other day. I'd been having a bit of a rough week. It came out pretty well though, so I have just started coloring it!

Here I've only juuuuust started to map out the areas of dark and highlight. Since I can only work on this in my free time, it'll probably take a while before it gets finished.

In other news~

I've been chosen as a semi-finalist for Nickelodeon's Artist Fellowship! There was much excitement and noodley-arm dancing to be had. :D

WIsh me luck!



Final Portfolio for Spring 2011

Here we go! This is the final portfolio I am submitting (and already have submitted!):

The Many Great Adventures Trailer from Lis Savic on Vimeo.


Animal Drawing Stuff!

Hey all!

Lookit this: not portfolio work! Instead, this is my homework due in about three hours for my animal drawing class! The first part of the assignment was to do a structural analysis drawing of an animal (our choice), and then do a "cosmetic" pass which showed texture, markings, etc. The second part was to do some character designs based on those studies. This is what I came up with, using a Red Tailed Hawk as my animal of choice: