Daily Drawing: Scene

Thinking through a scene from a story of mine. I need to design the villagers.


Ash Wing Paint

A painting! It's been such a long time since I painted anything. There are some things that don't quite look right, but it was really fun and relaxing.


Zombie Chase: Revisions

Got some feedback on the Zombie Chase board. Here it is!


Inktober 1

Princess Mai working on her new arm.


London Natural History Museum

Drew some dinosaurs! Didn't have much time unfortunately, so only got these two.


Just some assorted sketches.

Aletsch Glacier Hike

Here's a crazy tumble of rock along the Aletsch Glacier. I'd hurt my foot the day before, so while JJ, my cousin, and my uncle ventured forth, I found a stable rock and sketched this.

SunWind Sketch

Ash, Aika, and Ronan bundled up for cold weather. I got really cold on the trip, so i was sympathizing with Aika's inability to keep warm.

Old Castle in Sion, Switzerland

On location sketch from vacation.


Little Warrior


Old sketch that never made it up online.


Iesodo "Believing" - Resurrection

Here is a longer excerpt. Some of these scenes had other material between them, but I think it still makes sense without them.

A few notes: The extreme wide shot of the flock flying toward the tree is not mine, but included for a little clarity. The resurrection itself was thumbnailed by a different artist, which I then cleaned up and added a few poses to. The rest of the boards are mine.

We also end with Rocky's moral, which references another section of the episode that is not here.

Iesodo "Forgive and Forget" - Closing Monologue

Here's Rocky again, this time closing out the show.

Iesodo "Forgive and Forget" - Spies!

I don't remember what this scene was about, but hey! More Craig and Chuck spying.

Iesodo "The Greatest is the Least" - Spies

Here was a little addition to the episode. A little moment between Craig, the hoopoe leader, and Chuck, his sidekick. I liked these two.

Please note that the first drawing, with the birds inside the tree, was from a different board artist. I added the tree around them.

Iesodo "The Wind and the Rain" - Hoopoes Request Miracle

This is a little bit different than the other boards. Sometimes my director would open up the Maya files and take screen grabs of different shots he liked using the actual models. Then he'd send them to me to edit together and add acting with draw overs. So in this scene all the shots were chosen by my director, and then all the drawings are mine.

This takes place after the last scene. The flock is safely home, and now the hoopoes (the Roman stand-ins) have come to demand a miracle so that they will believe.

Iesodo "The Good Pigeon" - Opening Monologue

Opening monologue for episode 9:

Iesodo "The Good, the Bad, and the Vulture" - Opening Monologue

Opening monologue for episode 8. I would usually get the chance to board these bumpers at the beginning and end of the episode, in addition to other small scenes and revisions.

Iesodo "The Greatest is the Least" - Opening Monologue

Here's another Iesodo episode, starting with the opening monologue:


Iesodo "The Wind and the Rain" - Angry Raven

A few years ago I worked on a show called Iesodo. While hired to do Production, I swiftly found myself also doing storyboard revisions and even boards!

This was a little addition to the episode, not originally in the script. The flock has just survived a storm, and the Raven is not too happy about it.

Line Up

Character line up for a new-ish story I've been working on...

Scholar and Dryad Board Roughs

I'm going back over this old board for my new portfolio. This is still a work in progress! Please click through to see all the panels.

SunWind Story Idea

I had an idea for the prologue of this story I've been working on forever, so I quickly threw together some boards for it. Please click through to see all the images.



Just got a new phone. Trying to see if I can do what I'd originally hoped, and post sketches more easily...