Well, that wasn't really supposed to happen. It's what... the 24th today? Hm... Time warp?

That however is not to say that nothing else has been done! Quite the contrary. The film is moving along splendidly to say the least:
  1. of 85 shots, less than 23 remain to be animated.
  2. nearly all of those 62 shots are already colored.
  3. Toon Boom can read minds, and thus makes compositing far less confusing than it would otherwise be.
  4. of roughly 82 backgrounds, 36 are done, but the remaining backgrounds are all a lot easier than the ones that are done.
And in addition to this work, I even put together a portfolio! Yay? You see, the first ASIFA Student Film Festival was last Saturday, and they had portfolio reviews! I spoke to Jorge Gutierrez of Nickelodeon, and he had some good advice for a li'l sophomore like myself who doesn't quite know what she wants to specialize in yet.

Now, I know this is sad, but I'm on the wrong computer to update my portfolio, and am quite frankly not in the right state of mind to mess around with photoshop to resize and flatten some backgrounds to post them here. You see, I may just save over the file I actually need for the project, in which case I would be very much in trouble. So no art this post. Next time! I promise!

And now, back to work! Yarg!




So it probably isn't the most accurate thing to say that I am procrastinating. I am merely taking a break between backgrounds so that I don't get annoyed with them. Yeah. That one.

I meant to post some backgrounds on Sunday, but then I think I blinked or something and the next thing I knew it was Tuesday. Time is an interesting thing when it's spent in two places: sitting behind a Cintiq coloring, or in bed sleeping. Anyway, enough of this writing, time for some pictures!

In case you're wondering, these are a few of the backgrounds for that project I mentioned in my previous entry. They have been re-sized to only a quarter of their actual resolution, but I don't think HD-sized images at 400dpi would fit very well on a website. Presuming that they would upload at all. Sooo... yes. Back to work then! After all, I have about another... oh... 65 backgrounds to do?

'Til next time!



Why hullo!

And with this I do begin.

As an artist, and knowing other artists who also have blogs, it seemed a good idea to start one for myself. And thus I do introduce myself to whatever part of the world stumbles across these humble words.

I am Lis, currently a second-year animation major at Loyola Marymount University. As this particular semester calls for a group film, I intend to partly use this place as a production blog to follow along with our progress, and partly a place to put up various pieces of unrelated artworks.

So with this, I am done, and must be off to work on said film!