Witch Tower + Figure Drawing

New concept for the Witch's tower for my film! :D

Also, my figure drawing midterm portfolio:


Daily Drawing

Let's start the week off right!

Here's Aika again, with a few modifications, from last Thursday. Experimenting a bit with tones and highlights!

[EDIT]: Added a cast shadow so she's not floating anymore.


Sunday Sketch~

The first two characters I ever came up with, way back when I was about nine. I don't actually remember the girl's name, but she was a princess of the Star People, with the power to create stars. Clearly, I had no idea what that actually meant. The wolf is Windhowl, her companion and guardian. Fully sentient, and always trying to chase after her, and keep her from doing something stupid.

I had a post for yesterday, a revised version of the post from Thursday, but unfortunately, I forgot to post it before I left! I'll get that up later today, after I get back home.


Friday Sketch

Have some sketches!

That's a five minute sketch of me being contemplative of the skeleton drawing I did earlier today. I got a suggestion yesterday (this morning?) to practice more skeleton drawings. Well, I didn't have quite as much time as I wanted, but it's a skeleton! Muscle will be next, probably on Monday.