Portfolio Pages?

Sorry no daily drawings. I think that headache was a sign I was coming down with something. However! Even though I didn't do any drawings specifically for today, that's not to say I haven't been busy! So instead of specifically  a drawing for today, I've got three pages I put together for my portfolio submission for the Nick Artist Fellowship:

That's all for now! Hopefully my immune system will kick in and get this thing under control, so I can get back on task!


Daily Drawing 6

Busy day followed by a screening of "The Hunger Games." Wonderful film, but the shaky cam and my head didn't get along well. I'll get a real drawing up tomorrow.


Daily Drawing 5

Inspired by the rain yesterday that knocked out the internet! Also, memories of looking out at my backyard when there was lightning. I haven't lived in that house in over a decade, so the backyard probably isn't terribly accurate.

Here's another tonal drawing, but this time with more than just black and white. I think this one is a bit more successful than the previous, although that might just be that I'm typing this at 2am.

I missed the daily drawing yesterday due to the internet being out, so I'll try and post two drawings tomorrow!


Daily Drawing 4

Something I've been thinking about (since I'm crazy), is adding color lines to certain parts of my film. So for today's drawing, I thought I'd explore the idea of color lines, and see if it's something I may try to do. These colors are not final; rather, this is just an experiment. And hey: color!

Anyway, onward!


Daily Drawing 3

Thought I'd try something a little different today. A lighting study! I limited myself to black and white, then at the end decided to add a grey gradient. Still a few things to work out, but it's not a bad start!


Daily Drawing 2

Here's a new drawing of Ellie! It's been a bit too long since I've drawn her, so for today, I thought I'd take a shot at her. And hey, look, Ellie's room has actual furniture! A bookcase, wardrobe, and stuff on her walls! Also, the stuffed animal  on her bed is Aiala, a creature called an Aquandalin that didn't make the final cut of my film.

I rather like this sketch, so maybe tomorrow I'll take a stab at coloring it!


Daily Drawing 1 - Liz Wing

Here is a new drawing of a very old character. In a little over a  month, she'll turn nine.

This is also the first in what will hopefully be a daily drawing, in an attempt to make myself actually finish something, rather than just sketching.