Daily Drawing

Dailies will probably be a bit sketchy over the next month or so. I'm gonna be really busy!


Daily Drawing

Guess what movie I saw today! :D

I've got some reservations, but it was still a beautiful film with some great action.


Daily Drawing

Oh dear. I've been pretty bad about updating lately. I've been very busy trying to finish my portfolio and preparing for a summer teaching-ish job that's starting next week! This is one of the pieces of art that I've been doing for the class. So much left to do before Monday!


Daily Drawing 100 Posts!

First, the reason I've missed the past few days: still boarding!

And then when I went to post that, I realized, this would be my 100th post on this blog!


Daily Drawing

Oh hey, it's party Ellie!


Daily Drawing

Here's a sample page from my new portfolio! I'm still working on this board, but hopefully it'll be done in the next couple of days or so. And then I can start working on other projects!


Daily Drawing

Just a few warm-up sketches of the guy in the board I'm working on.


Daily Drawing

I made a post of this board panel when it was still rough. Thought I might post up the cleaned up panel as well! [Post is here]

Now back to work!


Daily Drawing

Just having some fun with colored lines~


Daily Drawing: Sunday Figure Drawing

Something a bit different today! Instead of the normal drawings done in Photoshop, I've got some pencil sketches from a figure drawing session I went to this evening. It's been a long time since I've done figure drawing, and it was great to get back into it.


Daily Drawing

I had an unpleasant experience with a serious jerk the last night. There wasn't much I could do in the situation, but that didn't stop this gal from popping up in my head! She's an old character from high school, simply known as Anger.

I hadn't been planning on doing any color work for a while, but this drawing really called for it.


Daily Drawing

I've been walking down memory lane lately by watching X-Men Evolution while I work. I watched that show back in middle school, and into early high school. Revisiting it all these years later, and especially after having studied animation is an interesting experience. It still holds up pretty well, although there are a few rough patches. One thing I really like is the design of the hair: all the characters with hair, especially the ladies with longer hair, have really well-defined volumes of hair! Silly artist thing to notice, I know.

Anyway, still a bit busy, so I won't really have time to do the super-finished dailies that I had been doing. It might be a while before I can start doing those again. Still, I'll do my best not to miss any more days, and also try and make up for the days I missed, even if it just means doing pencil sketches.


Daily Drawing

I've spent most of the last few days away from my computer, so I haven't been able to update! Haven't really even been able to draw much.

I thought I'd try and tackle something a bit more complicated for today's drawing, but it started spiraling out of control a bit, so this is still a work in progress. I definitely want to finish this, but I don't know if I'll get a chance until this weekend.


Daily Drawing

Just a clean sketch for today.


Daily Drawing

I drew a Korra!

I was having trouble thinking of what to draw for today, and then my boyfriend suggested trying to draw Korra. Well, the show's made of all kinds of awesome, so I thought I'd give it a try!

This piece isn't quite done yet... I was planning on adding some water at least, and maybe throw on some color as well. That will have to wait for another day, however.


Daily Drawing

I was probably going to do another TMGA drawing tonight... except... well... I watched Le Miserable. I'd never seen it before tonight, and knew next to nothing about it. When my boyfriend realized this, he knew it must be remedied. So we found the 1998 version with Liam Neeson, and watched it.

It was spectacular! Absolutely amazing!

So... I was inspired to try and draw something related to that, so here is my take on Fantine. Poor girl.


Daily Drawing

Continuing with TMGA characters... Here's the Magnificent Phoenix! ... Again, a bit younger than how she appears in the film. Young birds are all sorts of awkward. She's also significantly more sparkly than how she appears in the film. It would be far too much trouble to do all these effects frame by frame on her, although there may be a few shots where I'll make some exceptions.