Daily Drawing

Yay drawing!

Alright, that's two days in a row. Let's see if I can get back into the swing of things!

Daily Drawing Fan Art!

Colored up that Amethyst sketch from a couple of weeks ago. Colors referenced from an awesome drawing by Brianne Drouhard... which unfortunately I couldn't find again to link to! So here's another drawing: http://instagram.com/p/WDIwPtJdwf/ that's also awesome.

Brianne's Tumblr: http://potatofarmgirl.tumblr.com/



Painted a thing. Just a rough idea. Still figuring out how to paint mist/fog.


Daily Drawing

Wings~! Trying out a new texture brush.


Daily Drawing

Having fun with trees!

Also, sketches from the past couple of weeks~

And some Amethyst fan art!