Hey, it's animation!

Hey, it's animation!

I figured since I haven't posted anything in a few days, I'd do something a little different! I got a new computer today, and was finally able to install Flash. I was rather excited. Here's a quick animation done over about three episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.



Sketch Dump!

I have been busy in my absence! I haven't been working from my laptop much, and rather have been sketching with good ol' pencil and paper. 

First up, a sketch of Ellie and Celeste with M. Phoenix! These were drawn recently, but by referencing designs from over a year and a half ago! It's strange to think that at one point, the girls may have looked like this instead...

The other day one of my best friends came over to hang out. We ended up talking about a story she's working on, and I couldn't resist sketching out some of what we were talking about! Some of those sketches I gave to her for reference, which she later scanned and posted here: character sketches and some vis dev.  (Her Tumblr link, by the way, is: http://hnilmik.tumblr.com/, where she posts her own doodles.) Anyway, after she left, I decided to do some more sketches!

Then another original character for a board that's in progress...

And finally... one of the reasons I've been awfully preoccupied the past few days... I was reading through all of Homestuck. ALL of it.
So yeah. That. 


Daily Drawing

It's an Ellie!

TMGA - Color Test

Before... and after!

A re-draw with colored lines, custom tones and highlights, and some other filter fun over it. What a difference a year and a half makes! What do you think?


Daily Drawing

Some kind of alien landscape, I think. Just had some fun.


Daily Drawing

It's a proper daily drawing!

It was just a thought: a phoenix, with little hatchlings, living in a volcano!

And no, I have no idea what the adult is carrying. Something flammable though.


Map of Ralst

I drew a map! Some of those characters I've been sketching recently... well... this is where they live!

This is a completely new map for a rather old story. Various elements of backstory weren't lining up with the old map, so a re-draw was in order, along with some re-writing. And here is the result!


Daily Drawing

Just a simple sketch today. Enjoy!


Daily Drawing

Perhaps this should be called a daily "scribble" instead of a drawing. I originally had another idea, but it wasn't quite coming together, and then this happened.

I've been reading through "The Collected John Carter of Mars" books. There are eleven individual novels that follow the various adventures f John Carter, which have been collected into three large books. The printings are very nice, although they lack Edgar Rice Burrough's forewards, for some strange reason.

Anyway, this sketch was brought about by glancing at the book sitting next to me, and the image of a girl on a single person flyer came to mind. As I was scribbling, I realized it seemed a bit like Tara of Helium, a character introduced in the fifth book of the series, "Chessmen of Mars." She gets caught in a storm, and travels just about half-way around Mars! I would highly recommend the books to any lovers of science fantasy.


Daily Drawing WIP

Still doing some polishing. Try and finish it tomorrow morning.


Daily Drawing

I don't know. Just inspired by the gorgeous night, and having fun coming up with a strange outfit. Might play with this more later.



[EDIT] Hey lookit that! I got it working!
Here's a sketch of Aika. You will be seeing more of her soon!
This is embarrassing. I've run into technical difficulties. There's drawing in my sketchbook I intended to upload for the daily drawing, but the new scanner I got isn't making friends with my laptop.  Fingers crossed everything will work out...


Daily Drawing

So, this isn't quite finished, but it is definitely past time for me to be going to sleep. And hey, there're TWO characters this time! And one is even in color! Definitely be finishing this up tomorrow.


Smile At December

Redraw over the first daily drawing! I got some advice from my boyfriend and my teacher, and with their help, managed to make a much better drawing.

Now, no more time to chat! Back to work on my Nick Artist Fellowship Application!